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Welcome to the DiningGuide service for the Idaho Falls area. Please select one of the listings below for a profile of a place to eat in the "Delicatessen" category. To return to the DiningGuide Idaho Falls home page, where you can search for restaurants in different categories, click on the "Idaho Falls Restaurants" link, above and at the bottom of the page.

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Babes Bakery & Croissanterie
1900 Channing Way
Cardon's Deli
2010 1st Street
208-529-1586 Inexpensive
Quizno's Subs
620 West Broadway Street
Villa Coffeehouse
344 Park Avenue
Riverside Deli
625 Pancheri Drive
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Pocatello Show More

Dutch Oven Delights
Pocatello 1100 Booth Drive
Goody's Deli
Pocatello 905 S. 5th Ave.
208-233-9210 Inexpensive
The Lunch Box Deli
Pocatello Pine Ridge Mall
Waremart Deli
Pocatello 1000 Pocatello Creek Rd.
The Works Deli & Grille
Pocatello 1021 Yellowstone Ave.
Schlotzsky's Deli
Pocatello 1138 Yellowstone Ave.
208-238-3200 Inexpensive
Sunshine's Poky Deli
Pocatello 1015 N. 10th Ave.
208-478-1388 Inexpensive
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Surrounding Communities Show More

Dusty's Delites
Montpelier 818 Washington St.
208-847-0048 Inexpensive
Latino's Delight
Driggs 190 North Main Street
Geraldine's Bake Shop & Deli
Reader rating: 3.0 out of 5
Ammon 3160 East 17th Street
208-552-7057 Inexpensive
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